In-situ Sensor Technology
In-situ Sensor Technology 

About Sequip


Who we are

Sequip was founded in 1993 to develop customized particle sizing inline systems for in-situ particle size measurement. Our professional team consists of chemical engineers, technicians and technical designers.  Together with free lancer and software specialists we are specialized in inline measurement of particles, droplets, aerosols, crystals, bio cells and bubbles.   Our products are developed and designed in Germany and we work basically with German suppliers.

Quality – Made in Germany


Your contact for applications and R&D: Jörg Bugge, Project Manager

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What we do

In our laboratory in Düsseldorf we test our sensor systems with different applications and products. In close cooperation with universities we rise new challenges and use the experiences gained out of this to optimize our systems continuously.   One of the distinguished examples is the BCA – BioCell Analyzer systems, which we could introduce to the professional audience at the BioTechnica in 2013. This development, inline measurement of bio cells, directly during and inside a fermentation, was preceded by extensive studies and tests at several universities, like e.g. Université de Liège, TU Wien, UCL London, Universidad de México(UNAM). We supported dissertations and research projects in different fields likewise.

Sequip Sensor - lab application
Application inside fermentation

What makes our customers excited

Results of our development were frequently published in international professional journals, like GIT Journal 2/2014 with “In-situ Partikelmessung im Prozess” by Sequip. Through participations in professional meetings, trade fairs and international workshops, like e.g. BIWIC, Dechema, BioTechnica, our technology is among specialists no longer a secret. We are trusted partner for industrial customers in the scope of application related and solutions-oriented measurement technology. Our systems are in operation worldwide whether as a process unit in a 24/7 continuous operation or as rental equipment for project-related tasks. Customer care isour main priority.  We consider our customers being our partners. Only together optimal solutions are viable.



Our service

We attach great importance to local service partners and are represented by our distributors worldwide.  With our service partners we maintain close cooperation and personal contact to our customers.  Regularly Sales Partner Trainings and visits of our specialists on site make our Sales Partners to competent experts of our technology and ensure our customer service, which our users  are in title to expect. Our engineers are the customer's personal contact for all service tasks like installation, software training or maintenance  inside Germany directly at our customer's location.


Our mission

·         Higheststandards of quality

·         Face to face individual consulting

·         Flexible and practical solutions based on years of experience and innovative technology


This is our mission and our motivation.


We are certificated ISO 9001:2008

Customers using our products:

What can we do for you?

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