In Process - In-line - in situ Sensor Technology
In Process - In-line  -  in situ Sensor Technology 

In-line  -  in situ Particle Technology

         Particle, cell, droplet size measurement for lab and process

In situ BioCell Analyzing Systems 


Systems for online / offline in situ image analysing


ParticleSystem size distribution

In situ measurement in real time

Crystallisation and CSD


Measurement of droplets in emulsions and polymer emulsions 




5th BioProScale Symposium again to take place at the TU Berlin!


From 20th  until 22nd of March 2018 the three days lasting symposium about industrial scale bioprocess intensification will take place again in Berlin.


Professor Dr. Peter Neubauer of the dept. for Bioprocess Technology again organizes the event and invites every interested fellow researcher, bachelor or whoever is keen on getting the latest update on what's going on in the world of bio industries. So, come to Berlin for listening, networking or even presenting?


All further information regarding reservations, facilities and/or sponsoring can be found on the link below which leads you to the departments leaflet.


We're looking forward to see you there.


Until this day we wish you all the best!

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Case study with Sequip appliance
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High Pressure und Low Temperature Reaction Kinetics inside a Liquid Gas System by Sequip PAT ORM Sensor

A large number of PAT 3D ORM Sensors work in high pressure applications of up to 1000 bar. Based on a modular system the customers received a very efficient solution with a fast ROI. Detection of Co2 droplets inside Methane is running over 2 years. More at 6013

Application report of the month


With this feature we show you in a monthly change the applicational possibilities offered through our sensors. You will find application reports in different areas which, at first sight, might not be related in any way with particle technology.


So just sit back and read how users from industry, research, science and education mastered their measuring tasks with one of our sensor systems.


Enjoy your trip through this micro cosmos of µm's and nanos!

TODAY: Milling of Cathode Powder and Slurry Preparation

Battery Slurry Report
Hoe long must I maintain my milling process as is and at what speed? When sampling, getting to know the right combination of duration, speed and charge of the milling chamber might end up in guessing. With an in situ monitoring with 3D ORM from Sequip it is done already "by itself".
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