In Process - In-line - in situ Sensor Technology
In Process - In-line  -  in situ Sensor Technology 

What can we do?

Sequip offers sensors which can measure

  dispersions, for as long as they are visible under a

All measures are doable in-situ (during production) and in real-time.

Results can be used for QA and product development.


In-line  -  in situ Particle Technology

         Particle, cell, droplet size measurement for lab and process

In situ BioCell Analyzing Systems 


Systems for online / offline in situ image analysing


ParticleSystem size distribution

In situ measurement in real time

Crystallisation and CSD


Measurement of droplets in emulsions and polymer emulsions 



Sequip sensors are built following

   DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015.


All results are depending on the optical surface

  properties of the measured product.



In-situ real-time measurement substitutes sample

  testing with a permanent supervision of your



Everything in one place:
  Results are shown inside of our software which

  allows easy access to analyzable data.


Optimized production:


a production close to the operational optimum.




minimized risks of failures in production



Product Highlights

Return on investment through optimized


Permanent quality control by using the sensors


Sequip sensors will be calibrated for your

   individual needs.

Sensors are extreme robust & durable.

Maintenance, Service and Consulting.


Showcasing sensor usage

Sensor with stirrer.

How do we measure?

Our sensor takes your product into fokus by using

   an optical laser.
The sensor then recognizes optical back reflection of the product – this data will be processed and shown in the software.

Precise results even under difficult conditions:


Deep-black or bright-white products.

Low or high-concentration.

High pressure

Low and high temperatures

Sensor calibration and consulting

Measuring a sample -> showing we are able to

               measure the given product.


Measuring in-situ -> proof that we can measure

               during production.


Calibrating the sensor, helping the customer to

               interpret results.


Your product-knowledge and our expertise for a

               improved product.



Procucts Leaflet

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, feel free to contact us:

Telefon: + 49 (0)203 / 742140

Fax: +49 (0)203 / 7421444



Alternatively, you can send us an inquiry here.

We look forward to hear from you.


Application Report floculation & micrcapsyle
Application Report floculation micrcaps[...]
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PDF-Dokument [1.3 MB]
Case study with Sequip appliance
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In situ Droplet Size inside Undiluted Emulsions

Based on numerous R & D projects over 20 years we have learned from our operating customers. Starting with measurements at Prof. Daniels of University of Tübingen, customer requirements have driven our technology standards continuously to higher levels.

Today a lot of agglomerates mysteries inside nano emulsions are no secret for us anymore.

More at and 6014

Application report of the month


With this feature we show you in a monthly change the applicational possibilities offered through our sensors. You will find application reports in different areas which, at first sight, might not be related in any way with particle technology.


So just sit back and read how users from industry, research, science and education mastered their measuring tasks with one of our sensor systems.


Enjoy your trip through this micro cosmos of µm's and nanos!

TODAY: State determination of running process of a waste water treatment plant by in                       situ monitoring

In situ measurement in sewage sludge (available in German only)
Economising in a range of up to a 5 digit amount a year through in situ monitoring of add-on dosing of flocculation chemicals is not uncommon.
In Situ Messung in Klärschlämmen.pdf
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