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In Process - In-line  -  in situ Sensor Technology 

BioCell Analyzer

The Sequip BCA Sensor provides a direct measure of the properties of cells during the fermentation process. Parameters such as cell number, cell viability, cell growth and morphology can be measured on-line in real time and with a high frequency.


The BCA Sensor is, therefore, an invaluable tool to directly control and regulate cell properties, assuring a reliable and efficient process and delivering high quality products.


We offer three types of sensors:


  • BioCell Analyzer for Characterisation of E coli 
  • BioCell Analyzer for Characterisation of CHO cells (Chinese Hamster Ovary) 
  • BioCell Analyzer for realizing of R&D projects
Type / Parameter

BioCell Population


BioCell              Size Analyzer              

BioCell Morphology

Population x x x
Size   x x
Morphology     x
Sensor inside Bioreactor of Infors Sequip Sensor inside Bio Reactor of Infors

In situ analyzing of cell properties inside the fermenter in real time



  • Improvement of production process by real-time analyzes of cell morphology and size distribution
  • Tracking and controlling of biological growth processes, e.g. growth of algae under in-situ conditions
  • Identification of artifacts and contaminations during growth process
  • Characterization of physical product properties on FDA specification of PAT initiative


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