In Process - In-line - in situ Sensor Technology
In Process - In-line  -  in situ Sensor Technology 


Sensors from Sequip are used for many applications in different fields. All products should have a laser back reflection characteristic.


Sampling becomes obsolete, because the sensor measures in very high concentration. It fits into pipelines or reactors directly.


List of measured products...

Measurement of Ice Cream

Measurement of high concentrated (Crude Oil Drilling Mud) Slurry

Measurement of Food: here Mayonnaise

Inline measurement of Cement

Detection of size changes during milling of cement particles directly inside the transportation pipeline

Sensor in reactor Sequip sensor inside reactor

Controlling of Crystallization

The sensor is fitted directly inside the reactor and follows the crystallization process in real time

Mesurement under cryogene conditions

Control of powder milling and granulations

More applications:


  • Precipitation
  • Fermentation
  • Homogenisation
  • Polymerisation
  • Agglomerisation of particle systems
  • Dispersion
  • Granulation
  • Resolution
  • Flocculation during reaction
  • Stability analysis of dispersed phased systems
  • Bio-Cell analysis
  • Flue gas
  • ...

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