In Process - In-line - in situ Sensor Technology
In Process - In-line  -  in situ Sensor Technology 

PAT Systems

Typical applications of PAT Sensor Systems:


  • In situ process control
  • Particle size distribution of suspensions and heavy suspensions like drilling mud
  • Dynamic particle size distribution of  disperse phased systems in high  concentrations
  • Measuring of dry powder and granules
  • ...


Technology ORM

Patented ORM technology (Optical Back Reflection Measurement) allows an analysis of the whole particle system because of operation of selective working focus system.

In short the laser beam leaves the optical fibre (shown as a solid line). It passes through the coupling lens and the focussing lens, rejoins at the focal point scanning the sample in an elliptical orbit. If the light of the laser beam hits a particle or droplet at the focal point, the reflected light is then sent back to the optical fibre on the exact same path.


Focus movement is fix, linear or linear and rotated.


The dynamic focus movement create a dynamic measuring range from  0,5 to 2000 micron.

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