In Process - In-line - in situ Sensor Technology
In Process - In-line  -  in situ Sensor Technology 

Photon Density Population Analyzer


The principle


To capture the homogeneity of products an analysis electronic systems seizes and counts different particle sizes which produce different multi scattering effects, and sorts them in different length categories by their signal length.


The signals are capture by a wide, launched angle and a lens system inside the sensor and presented as a signal length distribution. This distribution of all signal length during a period of time is an advanced signal distribution of the Multi Scattering range. The signals proportional to the size are captured and presented from a particulate system of disperse phase systems, which develop under process conditions because of the Multi Scattering effects.

The raw data is saved and can be relayed to the process control system of the operator.



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Applied characteristics

On the basis of previously set tolerances for the “fingerprint” of the measured product you can influence and control the quality of the process.

The system calculates the characteristics of the current trend. If it is possible that the limit of the tolerance is over travelled, the unit will alarm the operator and calculate the time until the frontier crossing.


Benefits for the operator


  • Optimized control and capture of crystallization processes, capture of the starting point of germination and control of the fine and roughness fraction rates by optical density allocation and detecting of the limit point of crystallization.
  • Functionality for Lasentrack and FBRM customers is saved.
  • PAT control as a fingerprint of batch and continuous processes to constant product quality
  • Control of automatically sampling to reduce time in laboratory
  • Capture of agglomeration and deagglomeration processes

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